Dr. S.M.H. Wijesinghe is the only educated degree holder in horiwila generation and he is the only one who has learn horiwila traditional treatment system from famous horiwila orthopaedic surgeon ( Late) Herathhami Weda Mahatthaya.

Sri Lanka Ayurveda Traditional Treatments, Ayurveda Medicines, Herbal Items, Panchakarma Treatments Centre in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Ayurveda Traditional Treatments Centre - Horiwila Ayurveda Centre & Othapadic surgion is an authentic ayurveda clinic/ ayurvedic treatment center in Ambalangoda Sri Lanka. It's roots are formed from the famous 'HORIWILA' family of Ayurveda Vaidyas (Physicians) in Southern part of Sri Lanka.

The family is a repository of vast traditional knowledge in Sri Lanka Ayurvedic herbal medicines handed over through centuries within the family and from the clinical and pharmacological experience gained from years of intensive and dedicated practice of Ayurveda.

We are offering treatment for weight loss, treatment for skin, treatment for natural weight loss, treatment for hair fall and many more.

Treatment Facilities in all type of Ayurveda Treatments & Traditional Orthopedic Treatments & Panchacarma.

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